Tough and dependable, the Kubota diesel engine delivers high torque and high output, with optimal fuel efficiency to minimizing operating costs. This diesel engine incorporates the unique combustion method developed by Kubota in our ongoing commitment to cleaner emissions, enhanced power. The engine complies with even the toughest regulations now being globally enforced – including the EPA Tier-4 regulations.

Rent Per Day: $175.00
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Size: 32in (W)
Weight: 800 kg
  • Local Delivery: $79.00

Machine Description

Not only is the KC Series compact in size, it also provides all the load capacity and dump force needed to efficiently and reliably get the job done. The rugged power delivered by the Kubota diesel engine ensures reliable and efficient operation in a wide range of applications.

Though quite compact, the KC-Series of Kubota rubber track carriers feature notably large load capacities – 1,543 lbs (700 kg) for the KC70 and 2,6461bs (1200 kg) for the KC120HC.

The KC70 provides a generous 68° dumping angle in the forward direction. As for the KC120HC, it has a 56° clumping angle in the forward direction as well as 6 1″ to either the right or the left.

To more easily pass through gates and between structures in close proximity as well as to negotiate otherwise prohibitively narrow spaces, models in the KC Series feature exceptionally efficient compactness. The width of the KC70 is a slender 34.6 in. while that for the KC120HC is a trim 37.4′ in.

The flexible bogie style under rollers absorb shock and help contribute to smoother and more stable travel even on rough surface. The long rubber crawler distributes weight better than some wheeled machines for better traction and less damage on soft ground.

Machine Features

Model Name KC70-4
Deck Model Kubota OC60
Type Oil & Air cooled, 4 cycle, diesel, Tier 4
Cylinders One
Engine gross @ rpm 6.0 HP (4.5 kW) @ 1700 RPM
Starter Electric
Weight 992 lbs. (450 kg)
Overall length 95.1 in. (2415 mm)
Overall width 34.6 in. (880 mm)
Overall height 51.6 in. (1310 mm)
Ground clearance 5.1 in. (130 mm)
Maximum payload capacity 1543 lbs. (700 kg)
Dumping angle 68º
Dumping direction Forward
Type of dump system available Hydraulic
Brake type Internal expanding